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FPS with RPG elements, Bioshock invites players to experience horrors of underwater isolation in the city of Rapture, the failed project of the better future. After surviving the plane crash, the protagonist has only one way to go – to the giant lighthouse that opens a way to the underwater utopia. Players will have to unravel the complicated history of Rapture, relying only on themselves, their guns and Plasmids, a mystical substance, that allows it’s user to obtain near magical abilities.

The atmosphere of isolation and threat is conveyed through the environmental sounds, subtle electrical buzzing and audio logs, telling the story of societal decay and despair. Players will shape the story, making moral choices along their way, saving Little Sisters or extracting ADAM, the mystical fuel for your abilities. While exploring the underwater city, players will complete missions for the last sane inhabitants of Rapture, while fending off the less fortunate ones.

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