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Terraria is a 2D action adventure sandbox game, where players create a character and gather resources in order to gradually craft stronger weapons and armor. Players create randomly generated maps that contain different locations within it, and by gathering specific resources and triggering special events, players will fight one of the many in-game bosses. Created characters can be played on different maps.

The game introduces hundreds of unique items that can be found across the entirety of the map, some of which may not even be encountered.

Terraria have many different Biomes and areas with distinct visuals, containing resources and enemies unique to this biome. After gathering materials, players can craft furniture, and build settlements and houses, since after completing events or finding specific items NPCs will start to arrive, and will require player’s protection. Terraria can be played on three difficulties and has a large modding community.

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Android: v9.3.4

iOS: v9.3.4

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