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The game takes place in the near future. Civilization gradually begins to die out after the meteorite fell to the Earth. You find yourself in the middle of a vast wasteland and discover that humanity is trying to rebuild itself, under constant threat from bandits, mutants, and Power – a tyrannical state regime,which is actively interested in you personally.

You have to participate in intense firefights with hordes of mutant bandits, trying to save your life. You can also give a try in tight races, and on the proceeds, you will be able to modify your buggy.

The game has a vast range of hand weapons, and there are both classic weapons from games, entirely new and unique types, exclusives for RAGE. Various optional devices can improve the gun. Also in "RAGE" there is an in-game economy, players can spend the game money earned in fights and races. For the money, you can buy new weapons, reinforced armour.

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Android: v3.3.1

iOS: v9.3.4

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Aspyr Media

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