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Hitman is a six episodes game with different contracts. The action takes place as a prequel to Hitman: Agent 47 (only prologue) and episodes take place six years after Hitman: Absolution. All contracts are being ordered by a "shadow client" and seem to be unrelated. But as you fulfil those contracts, you start to realise that all of the targets somehow are a part of a secret organisation called the Providence.

While playing Agent 47, you have a large amount of free will in completing those contracts. The main target is all that matters, and you can do anything to kill this person in your style and fashion. You can disguise as a different person and infiltrate secured area to perform the kill manually or use a long-range sniper rifle to do the trick. Your surroundings help you a lot as well by listening to nearby chat or news reports. Players are given as much freedom as possible to find your professional style in the art of killing. A large amount of DLC and expanded missions can either give you gimmick-based contracts and travel to Japan, Serbia and other countries.

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